When should you ask for Divine help?

When should you ask for Divine help?

In life, the greater the goal, the greater the difficulties, which may limit our success. Along the way, individuals may be tempted to ask for help from the Divine when they face challenges. But just when is the Divine more likely to help?

Let’s say your house is dirty and you need to wash your dishes and laundry. The thought of asking God or the Divine to help accomplish this task doesn’t cross your mind. If you need help cleaning the mess that your routine use of your home created, the answer is to call a cleaner to help.  

Or let’s say you smoke two packs of cigarette a day, develop problems with breathing and have to go on oxygen. A few years later, you develop lung cancer. You can ask for Divine help, but really what is needed is a doctor’s intervention to help with breathing and/or surgery for the cancer. 

So when do we ask for Divine help? There are five pillars of success, detailed in Journey From Life to Life, for accomplishments: the platform, the individual, the technology, the strategies and lastly, luck – or the Divine. Yet, there is a different approach for the latter inspired by Krishna in ancient India.

In the Mahabharata War, Krishna served as charioteer to a warrior. Before the conflict began, he was seen giving prayers to a form of mother goddess Durga, who was known to be a powerful help in wartime. The assistance was exactly what Krishna and his warrior needed to succeed. He also mounted a flag above their chariot bearing the image of Hanuman, a symbol of strength, perseverance and devotion. In these ways, he sought to bring the unseen world of the Divine to his aid.

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