Minor Miracles with Major Impacts

Minor Miracles with Major Impacts

I have practiced in Maine since 1992. A patient of mine, let’s call her Helen, used to call me her Angel and for the last 16-18 years brought an angel gift every Christmas until I moved my office from Skowhegan to Bangor. Each and every one of those angels are precious for me, not because they were Christmas gifts but because I truly believe they are around me most of the time ready to help if needed.

Some of My Angels

Whether or not you believe in my angels helping or protecting me, minor miracles have been happening in our lives from time immemorial. My wife was driving her Volkswagen Polo from Hillside to Montrose on an icy morning road in Scotland. I got a call from the police that she had an accident. Her little Polo was hit by an 18-wheeler truck. I drove as fast and as carefully I could to get there to find that she was standing fine on the side of the road talking with the officer, waiting for me as though nothing happened to her. I looked at her car, look at the big monstrous truck and looked at her; my eyes did not want to believe it, but there was minor miracle with major impact right in front of my eyes. I embraced her and looked up to thank that someone who had made this happen. Apparently, the lorry hit her car, the car bounced off the ground to hit an electric pole, the pole broke in half, and her car bounced back on the road. The car was totaled; hardly any part of the car was damage free. The only area that was intact was her seat and the driver door. She just opened the door and walked out.

Journey from life to life deals with five pillars that support our lives. The fifth is the divine pillar and I am sure you have had some of those minor miracles at some point in your life.

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