Death and Donuts

Death and Donuts

Let’s start with Donuts. There are many donut shops in my area ranging from chains like Dunkin or Tim Horton to local ones like Frank’s in Bangor, Maine. They all have a large selection too. There are choices to make. My favorite is the honey curler from Tim Horton; yours may be different. I cherish it, all my friends know my choice and often my face lights up when I get one with hazelnut coffee. When I don’t select other kinds of donuts, they still stay on the menu. Those who don’t like donuts (hopefully they are few in number) drive by and don’t even know donut shops exist. Am I attached to honey curler or are those who drive by detached?

Our whole life is a playground for menus and selections. The more years pass by, the more choices enter the gigantic menu of selections. We have memories from the past, certificates hanging on the walls, future plans to accomplish and so on. We select an item, give it energy, process it and then move on, similar to choosing my honey curler from a select store. When I am not there, the item still stays on the menu. Past is passed; if I have to select a memory why can’t I choose my honey curler rather than a bitter chilly donut that doesn’t even exist.

Donuts denote our desires; desires are strong driving forces in our lives. Journey from life to life addresses desire’s pathway, along with attachment, detachment and non-attachment in considerable detail, before heading on with the subject of death.

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