Journey from Life to Life demystifies the underlying principles of life and death

One of the world’s most thought about existential questions.

Dr. Krishna Bhatta meets Western readers where they are, providing an accessible, easy entry into even the most sophisticated aspects of eastern teachings.

In this book, Dr. Bhatta offers:

  • Insights into the nature of the human soul and its journey,
  • Practical advice on what to do with our spiritual understanding,
  • An understanding of the importance of planning for a successful life, smooth transition to end of life and the journey beyond,
  • Answers to the question, “Can I plan for the next life too?”

Journey from Life to Life is an open hand extended in invitation. Join the expedition and let Dr. Krishna Bhatta be your guide. Seek the unseen world and find joys in this life and beyond.




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Krishna Bhatta

Dr Krishna Bhatta was born in Ara,  Bihar, India, moved to UK and then to USA where he currently resides.  He is chief of urology  at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, Maine, USA.  

Spiritual interests and saadhana started early is his life.  Lord Krishna is his life, Osho his Guru, Gita his passion and writing his hobby. He is an accomplished author, a successful lyricist and a producer as well.  He believes that “every one has a spiritual corner” that can be explored anytime, sooner the better


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